Welcome to Well with My Soul! My name is Amanda and I am passionate about  just about everything, so beware! More specifically, I am passionate about health and wellness, essential oils and living naturally.  I am the wife of my high school sweetheart since October 15, 2016 and we are involved together in ministry at our church, serving with the amazing youth alongside the most awesome team!  I love Jesus, kitties, baby everything, the beauty of nature and much more!

I started this blog mainly to share my health journey and what has been effective and good for me and my husband (Chris) with the hopes of encouraging someone else! I’m very passionate about wellness & you’ll probably be reading a lot about food, essential oils/other natural products, relationships and Jesus! Chris and I made it a goal of ours to travel as well, so we will be sharing about our travels when we can, including our first international trip to Norway, our mini trips in our home state of California and wherever else we decide to explore!

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A Note on Body Image

Body image is such a weird thing, especially in our culture in this day and age. On one hand we have models who are rail-thin which has been telling our culture this is the ideal Read more…